The potter creates with a purpose.


Such a scary word isn’t it?

I feel like when we start to talk about purpose, we think that there is something that needs to be done. There is work to do and that there is a calling that we need to live up to.

Well that may be partly true, but the thing is that we were created by a wonderful and amazing God who knows exactly what he has created us for. We have a purpose.

Think of it this way. A potter created a cup. That cup has a purpose, to hold liquid. When the cup was created, the creator gave it every single thing it needed to be a cup. There is nothing that needs to be added or taken away in order for the cup to fulfill its purpose, to hold liquid.

Now, the cup may break, and the creator may either decide to fix the cup or to throw it away.

God made you with a purpose in mind. You already have everything inside of you to fulfill that purpose. You may break but our amazing God says that He will never leave us or forsake us. So that tells me that God is going to fix me when I break. He is going to mend me up so that I can continue on with my purpose.

I’ll take this a little further.

Let’s say that the cup decided that being a cup is lame and it wanted to instead be an oven so it can bake food. How do you think that would work? (I know this seems really stupid but stay with me) The cup has no ability to function as an oven. Just as well, an oven has no ability to function as a cup.

Let’s apply it – God gave us each a purpose whether it is to teach, or preach, or encourage, or create, or to serve or to be a giver or to pray or whatever it may be! We have no ability to function as something or someone that we were not created to be. BUT! We already have EVERYTHING we need to function as exactly who we were created to be.

Let’s say that this cup was in a cupboard and was covered in dust. Well, the cup can still be a cup, it just has to be cleaned. Once we figure out what we were created to do, we probably have some dust that we can remove from our lives to be able to be effective. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t still have a purpose and with a little cleaning up we will be back on track.

What do you do if you don’t know your purpose?

Well – that is not as hard to figure out as you may think. I told a friend the other day, the best way to get to know someone and what they want from you is to get to know them. Just as well the best way to know what you were created for is to get to know God and also to get to know yourself. Take a honest look at your life and what you are good at!

In a work setting, how do you figure out what your boss wants you to do?

First, you would read the manual and the job description. Then you would go through a series of training (hopefully! Lol!) and finally, you would get to work doing it!

How would you know if this isn’t the job for you? Here’s a hint – if you suck at it.

I’m not talking about being new and having normal issues with finding your way. I’m talking about if you truly have no clue what you’re doing, or you can’t stand what you’re doing.

For instance, when I started doing hair, I had a ton of issues, I still mess up here and there and sometimes I totally bomb it. Does that mean it’s not the right job for me? NOPE! I know that doing hair is for me because even though I’m not the best hairstylist in the world – I absolutely love it. I overcome the struggles learning and I grow. I get frustrated but I also feel accomplished.

Now, let’s say I decided to try and be a chef. Well, those of you who know me know that I can’t stand cooking. I have no clue what I am doing, I don’t like it and I don’t care to learn about it.

This is a clear indication that this job is not for me.

Let’s apply it – your purpose in life will be clear because I can promise that in some area of your life you are already doing it. There is some sort of calling inside you that will become apparent if you listen. Maybe you love to give presents to people and help them out – okay, so serving and giving may be your calling. Maybe you are super organized and love to bring order into any situation you are in, okay, you’re a superhero (lol!) no but seriously – then bringing order may be your purpose. Maybe you love to shed light on things and help people to understand certain concepts – okay than teaching or preaching may be your calling.  Maybe you love to make jokes with people and lift their spirits, or give them some encouragement, okay so encouragement may be your purpose.

The situation that you are in doesn’t really make a difference when it comes to what your purpose is. Start with those around you and branch out. When you run into a situation where you don’t know what to do – call on God to help bring clarity. Once you begin to hone in on what your calling or purpose or gifting or whatever you want to call it is – you will see areas of your life that you already live this out in. The best part of a purpose is that you can bring that purpose into your family, workplace, ministry, friendship, to strangers, everywhere!

My calling is to be an encourager and a helper. I do this in work as I am a secretary and that legit is what I do all day. I also do this with helping people with hair and makeup and encouraging them to love how they look and feel. I do this with my family (not as much as I should but I’m learning) I encourage my kids and my husband to realize how awesome they are. I do this with this blog, I write to encourage you all that you have a purpose, God loves you and you are seriously awesome if you would just believe it.

Let’s go back to the work scenario. If you were in work, and you weren’t exactly sure what you were supposed to be doing, wouldn’t you ask your boss what to do? You would probably be in regular communication with your boss and as you got to know him or her it would be easy to know what they wanted from you.

The same is true with God. As you get to know Him by reading His word and staying in communication with him through prayer, it gets easier and easier to know what He has purposed your life for and to know exactly what He wants you to do.

Finding out your purpose or which way to turn in life doesn’t have to be so scary and daunting. I dare say that if it is scary and daunting there are one of two issues. Either you have the wrong perspective on what your calling is and the purpose of your life (i.e. you don’t realize you are a cup or you feel like you don’t have what it takes to be a cup) or, you are not in communication with God and are not putting in the work to find out what He wants from you (i.e. you are not talking to your boss and you are trying to do it your way).

I’m explaining all of this from personal experience. I struggled with this for many years and still do! All parts of it! At first, I just didn’t believe there was a God. I had no clue about the Bible, nor did I care. Once I climbed that mountain, I then didn’t believe that God loved me or created me to be anything. I didn’t think I had what it took to fulfill any purpose. Once I realized that God created me with what it took to be something more, I started to try and work for it. I started to try and live up to this dumb standard that I had in my head and be the person that I thought I should be in the way that I thought I should do it.

I ran into nothing but issues every way that I turned. This was because I wasn’t including God in any of it. I was trying to work so hard but not staying in communication with God so nothing I ever did turned out right.

That’s because God had laid out a path for my life when he created me. The only way to know how to stay on that path is through following Jesus. He says that He is the way.

That was a revelation all in itself! You mean to tell me that all I have to do is follow God and everything will work out?? Well – there will always be bumps in the road I can promise you that. BUT – God didn’t make you so that you would have to prove yourself. He didn’t create you to then say okay now here are all of my regulations you need to follow. No! He created us for a purpose. Do we need to do what is right? Of course! Do we need to shed sin from our life? You bet your bananas! But are we supposed to beat ourselves up over each mistake? Heck no!

Jesus came and reconciled us back to God. He made a clear path for us and THE ONLY THING HE WANTS US TO DO IS FOLLOW HIM.

I think so far, the biggest lesson that I have learned in Christianity is that I cannot change who I am. The only thing that I can do is rely on God to refine me. He didn’t make a mistake when He made me. I am super impatient – is that a mistake of God? Nope. That is me using my own will to try and make things happen on my timeline. God is saying, follow me and I will help you be more patient. Follow me and I will help you rely on me instead of finding comfort in food. Follow me and I will help you to be a better mother. Follow me and I will show you how to be better with finances. Follow me and I will heal you. Follow me and I will show you the way.

My message boils down to this. As long as we follow God and we put the effort in to get to know what He wants from our lives, we will find peace and we will live out our purpose.

I also want to throw out there that if any of you readers ever has questions or wants more explanation or wants to just talk – I am always available. Find me on Facebook and message me or email me or text me. Whatever – I am here, and I would love the opportunity to help you!

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