It’s the Holidays People.

The Holidays are coming guys.

I am getting super HYPE!

Now, typically, I flounder between super excited and like pissed off at the tradition of it all. I believe that the rebel inside me wants to buck the whole system and not conform to traditions. Which, honestly there is a time and place for that. BUT – for this year we are going to go ahead and let the holidays be joyful.

Moving on…

So I have been really praying for some inspiration from God to write something that will be a hearty message that you can take with you and chew on throughout the day and bring some joy into your life.

This message is going to be about people.

You have heard the saying that no man is an island, right? Well, I believe that is so so so so so true. We are meant to be WITH people.

Think about it, we start in a womb of a person and then we are born into a world full of people. We can’t get by as babies without a person taking care of us or we would die, right? I mean I guess you can be raised by a panther and live in a wolf family and like dance with bears and monkeys but like, that’s a different story. (Someone explain this to my non-Disney friends, kthanks.)

So then we are in this family or a foster home or an orphanage or where ever we are with a whole bunch of other people. We go to school with people and church with people and work with people and then we end up marrying a person.

So now you take the original purpose and highest honor of being in a marriage with someone and the result of that explosion of love is…. you guessed it – a person! For those who have issues in this area, maybe you adopt or use a surrogate or maybe you don’t have kids or want them or cant have them but just follow along with me because this isn’t the main point.

Well we now work in a place with people and shop with people and we have services done by people, mechanic, hairstylist, doctor, etc.

Then we consider the most important and cheerful days in our life, the birth of a child, a graduation, a wedding, a birthday, whatever you celebrate and what makes them special? People!

Even the darkest days, a break up, a funeral, a bad diagnosis, we always always always involve other people. Think about when something really epic happens in life, what do you do? You call or text your bestie like “DUDE!”.. right? And its not enough to tell one person. We want to tell the world. I mean that is the entire premise of Social Media – to engage with a gigantic amount of people all at the same time.

We loveeeee social media. When quarantine happened, we couldn’t stop engaging with people so we hopped on Zoom or Skype or whatever. We can’t put our phones down, why? Because on our phones we are interacting with people. It may not always be positive, but there are always people involved.

We love to support small businesses, why? Because to us, a small business represents a person or a family. We love to help communities where we know the people, we love to donate to those we know and that we love. We are all connected in one way or another to people.

I always hear the church say that christianity is about people. Why is that? Well, God created Adam first. Then Adam went around to all the animals and there wasn’t one of them that were a suitable fit for his companionship. So God created Eve.

Think about that! There was NOTHING in the world that the PERFECT God created that would suit His precious creation except another person. A WOMAN to be exact. Women are so fierce. I can leave this for another post but I will hang here for a moment. Men can’t reproduce without a woman. If it wasn’t for women, literally creation would be at a halt. Now I know that this works both ways and please don’t misunderstand what I am saying, I am simply pointing out that women are amazingly wonderful creatures and when we walk in God’s purpose we are literal gold. We are so precious when we truly live out all that God intended for us. Also, I am by no means a man hater. My husband is everything to me and I wouldn’t have an ounce of self esteem if it weren’t for his amazingness towards me. I was also raised mostly with my dad who is a man who would do literally ANYTHING for his family. I also have 3 sons and well obviously they are perfect. LOL!

Moving on to my actual point..

I was listening to some Christmas music today (yes before Thanksgiving, and no, I really don’t care) and you know why I don’t care – I’ll hang for a second here too – because this is the time of year, the season for celebrating all that we have and enjoying what God has given us. There is nothing sacred about any one day in time. It’s a season where all of our hard work for the year comes to fruition and we see that we are blessed. We reap what we have sown during this season and it is a time to celebrate. Whatever that means to you – enjoy and make the most of it!

Well, so, while I was listening to these beautiful Christmas songs, I was just thinking about how I really don’t want to ruin my holidays with stress (mostly about money, right? Let’s be real). I really want to just capture everything that the holidays are supposed to be and truly enjoy it.

The stress comes when we bring it on ourselves by feeling like we aren’t doing enough or we over schedule ourselves or this is a busy time of year for our job or whatever the case is. Normally, these are things that we can choose to either participate in stressing about, or… let it go.

I wouldn’t being doing the justice of being Skylar’s mother if I didn’t throw in a Frozen reference here. So here it goes..

In the movie Frozen, Elsa has to hide who she really is to the world. She isolates herself in a frozen castle where she is free to be herself. Here’s the thing, she’s miserable and the people who love her are miserable too. But, what is Elsa going to do? She is afraid that she will hurt someone if she truly lets it go. Well – she makes a few bad choices but in the end decides to take the chance and be who she truly is while embracing the people around her and she is truly free.

My point in this is that no man is an island and you have to remain who you truly are and embrace those around you. Listen, someone might get twisted because you didn’t get them the perfect gift, but they love you anyways. Someone might be upset that you were late to the party but its because they love you. Someone might think your house is a hot stinky disgusting dumpster fire but so is 2020 so don’t feel alone. But ultimately, those around you love YOU more than what you do or what you buy or how you look or how punctual you are. Just like YOU don’t put the emphasis on those things when you think about those you love.

Let’s choose to do our best, and let eveything go and just enjoy the holidays for what they were meant to be. Let’s love God and love people and be truly free.

Stay Blessed xo!

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