So as most of you have already noticed, I started working for a make up company.

At the time this make up company was called Maskcara Beauty. It started when I saw a friend of mine using this make up and she just looked so cute and she just looked like a gorgeous version of herself. I noticed that her eyes seemed to glow and you could tell the entire change in her face – and how she felt about her self.

So I decided I wanted to try it.

Now I have never been hugely into makeup but I’ve always worn it (and mostly never liked how it looked on me). Well, I got this compact and I totally fell in love with how the make up laid on my face and that I still looked like myself.

Fast forward to November 6 when Maskcara rebranded and is now called Seint. The entire message of this blog post is based off inspiration from their rebrand.

So this lovely woman, Cara, comes on the video and I had never seen her before but she starts to talk about why she decided to change the name of the company. Her words inspired me so much. She talked about how she didn’t want the company to represent putting on a mask and she also didn’t like that her name was in the company name any longer.

And please don’t misunderstand me this is not a sales pitch or anything like that I was truly inspired by what she said.

She talked about how the church doesn’t create saints but just acknowledges them. And how she wanted her make up to not create beauty but acknowledge beauty. And what’s funny is that really is what drew me in the first place. She also talked about how this company is a team of women coming together to do good in the world and that having the focus be only on her with the name, was doing an injustice to all of her friends along side her.

As women it starts from when we were little girls trying to make ourselves look pretty and finding our worth and what we look like. I even see it with my daughter as she gets ready. It’s almost like she doesn’t feel validated until someone tells her she looks good. Even though I have tried my very hardest to not instill this kind of attitude in her, it just seems like it’s almost natural for us to feel this way.

Now I am here to say that there is something so beautiful about women, the fact that we care about what we look like, and the fact that we spend time trying to make ourselves look good so we can feel good.

I used to think that this was a terrible thing and that this attitude would give women negative body image and poor self -esteem but I’m beginning to change my view on this. I don’t think that there’s anything wrong with wanting to look beautiful and caring about how you look on the outside. All of us women feel that way for a reason and I believe that it was something that God put there for a reason.

I think the problem comes when we don’t acknowledge the beauty that we already have. What I love about this make up company is that it just enhances beauty that you already have in you. And what I love about womanhood is we continue to enhance each others lives as friends and that is so beautiful too! There is something that is so pure and so beautiful about how we enhance each others lives with friendship. And I believe that God is at the center of all of this. I believe that if we change our view and we start to see that we aren’t covering up who we are – we are enhancing who we are.

Think about it this way if you get a college degree it doesn’t become your worth, it just enhances who you are. And if you drive a fancy car it just makes you look awesome, but it doesn’t make you awesome. Everything that makes you awesome is already inside you. Everything that makes you beautiful is just waiting for you to notice it and acknowledge it and enhance it.

The Bible was written as God’s love letter to his people and there is a scripture I found in Song of Solomon 4:7 that is so beautiful. It reads, “You are all together beautiful, my love; there is no flaw in you.” I fell in love with this! Now I did not fall in love with this scripture because I sit here and think to myself oh yay God thinks I’m flawless so I totally am. It’s not like that at all – I read the scripture and I say, God if you can think of me like this, help me to think of myself that way as well.

“You are all together beautiful, my love; there is no flaw in you.”

Song of Solomon 4:7

There are so many scriptures throughout the Bible that point toward beauty. And I believe that God loves beautiful things. Think about flowers and how gorgeous they are. I think that God created us purposefully beautiful and if we could only see ourselves through his eyes we would see the beauty too.

I think if maybe we approached getting ready for the day with enhancing what we like about ourselves instead of covering up what we don’t like, we will feel empowered to go and make our dreams a reality!

Maybe you have pretty eyes, so glam it up with some eyeshadow! Or maybe you don’t even wear makeup but you have a great butt, put those jeans on that make your butt look even better. Or maybe you have great hair, style it up girlfriend! Whatever you like about yourself, Rock it! Focus more on enhancing what you love than trying to cover up what you don’t love. And I think if we start to do this, we will look in the mirror and we will feel like a million bucks before we leave the house to go pave a path that we’ll be proud of.

My entire mission with this blog and the make up and every single thing that I do is to try to help women love themselves and find their purpose. I feel as though sometimes we think that we are being vain if we care about what we look like, or sometimes we don’t care at all. I am not saying that you have to go and dress yourself up to be great. I’m saying whatever makes you feel like the best you can, embrace that! Some days I feel my best with a messy bun and workout clothes on! Please don’t ever think that me being part of the beauty industry is me saying that you need all this to be beautiful. Honey, no. I’m saying the exact opposite! I think that there’s a perfect balance between doing nothing with yourself and feeling bad about how you look and making yourself up so much that you aren’t you. God wants us to look our best, feel our best and be our best.

My Pastor always says, “If I could introduce you to someone who can make all your dreams come true would you want to meet that person?”

Of course everyone in the congregation says, “Yes” and then he says, “Go home, look in the mirror and have a nice long conversation with who you see. That person is the one who’s going to make or break you. That’s the only person standing in your way.”

We already all know that we are our biggest critics. We are so hard on ourselves; we don’t let ourselves get an inch. I’m saying it’s time to stop that. It’s time to stop hiding behind a front because we don’t like who we are. It’s time to take that mask of make up off and show our true beauty. I challenge you to truly embrace who you are on the inside and the out and let the world see how beautiful you truly are. I can guarantee that you will not regret it.

I decided to rebrand my blog at the same time that Maskcara rebranded and this is because I’m taking my mask off. I’m done pretending to be perfect. I’m done pretending to have it all together. I’m done trying to fight against myself. And I’m done letting me stand in the way. I’m ready to embrace who I am and that’s why I put all the style into this blog – this is me. And I think I’m finally starting to like that – so it’s time to embrace and enhance and acknowledge Megan. Because she’s not going anywhere! I hope that you will join me in this unveiling. Because you are worth it and you deserve the freedom that comes with embracing all that you are. ❤

Stay Blessed xoxo!

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