Fight for your peace.

So, I thought about this idea a long time ago and I figured that it would be suiting to talk about it now. 

I was in prayer and I was thinking about the peace of God. And I was thinking about how it should surpass anything that happens in life. This type of peace is hard to find and hard to keep.

I think it is almost silly to say at this point but there are lots of things in this world today to lose our peace over. Considering the election, division in our country, a worldwide pandemic, global warming, existentialism, every single worry that any person has. I don’t think it would be fair to say that anyone has nothing to worry about. All of us carry our own burdens and we have our own reasons for the worry that we have. 

As in all of my blogs, the only thing that I can talk about is what has helped me. This is something that was on my heart because I didn’t even realize that I was living with this worry and not protecting my peace. Peace isn’t something that you’re going to have when there’s no problems in your life. I can promise you one thing you will always have problems. But we know this, right? we hear it all the time that you’re going to have problems but it’s how you handle the situation or some other religious crap that people say. But somehow it never makes you feel any better, does it? 

I’m here to say what if peace is something that you have to dig down deep and find and then every single day, choose to protect that peace? 

We live our lives waiting for the next thing to happen. If we just get that job, or if the kids would just listen, or if our husband would just help more, or whatever the next thing is and somehow when that thing happens, we wait for another thing to happen and we never seem to find peace.

Somehow, we look at the world and we say if children weren’t starving or if our candidate won the election or if this pandemic would just go away, then we would have peace, but I don’t think that’s true. Because when one thing that seems so intense, goes away, then a new thing or stressor comes into our life. And that’s life, right? I mean realistically life is just a series of stressors. Which can seem very overwhelming and depressing.

I wrote a post about needing my peace a few months back and now I am changing that message to say that we need to PROTECT that peace.

We all have a little bit of peace inside us. Maybe that is your morning cup of coffee, or a sense of accomplishment in a task, maybe that is a nice, clean towel after a shower or maybe it’s a cute Scentsy wax warmer with some Farmstand Pumpkin warming in it.

Whatever that little sense of peace is in your life, choose consciously to carry that with you throughout the day. The feeling that you feel, that calming whisper in your heart telling you that this is good and you are okay, reflect back on that in moments of chaos. I promise you that if you work at this it will bring you peace throughout your day. I promise you that it will get easier to do and you will find yourself at some point sitting in a circus of a mess thinking about how good it felt to put some terrific smelling lotion on your dry hands and how soothed they felt and you will be so surprised at how good you feel amongst the chaos.

God desires us to live with peace in our hearts, finding joy as children do in the little things.

The other day I made some hot chocolate for my kids, they were so excited to pick out their favorite mug and watch the steamy liquid pour into the cup. They laughed as they filled the cup with marshmallows and watched them melt. Their little chilly bodies were warmed with that chocolaty moment of pure joy.

And you know what?

That was about 3 days ago, and they have not stopped talking about it since.

How silly is that? I thought to myself, guys that wasn’t even that serious. But to them, it was a moment of peace and joy that they are carrying with them to school where things don’t look the same as they used to and instead of feeling worried, they think about hot chocolate.

So my message to you today is find that little sense of peace and hold onto it like a toddler holds onto a plain old rock that they found outside that you have to pry out of their hands. Have you ever had to take a rock from a small child? Let me tell you this is not for the faint of heart. They would bite your head off to keep that rock.

That’s how we should hold onto those little peace rocks when the world is trying to pry it from our hands. I promise that you will get through this time and maybe things don’t work out the way you hoped they would, but never forget who you are and all of the battles that you have already come through. There is so much life left to live. So much hot chocolate to enjoy.

Be at peace today, be blessed, stay safe and know God loves you!

3 thoughts on “Fight for your peace.

  1. Oh my God man that was so beautiful and just what I needed to hear in this moment God’s timing and the people that he brings into our lives is perfect!!!

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