A less than amazing Hair Story.

My brother told me that I should share this story so here I go.

Disclaimer – please don’t think any less of me or my abilities… lol!

Okay so I was going to the salon this past Saturday. I was so hyped to have a full day ahead of me and share my craft with the world!

I had all my friends hyping me up. Like yea girl you got this you are amazing, and you are going to kill it!

I go into the salon so excited and ready to slay the day!

I start off amazing, on time, and kicking butt! Cut my friend’s hair, she is super happy, so am I.

Yes! I got this! I am a hair genius.

Next, a friend of mine who wanted some awesome colors.

Right on schedule, killin it.

We put her awesome colors in, and it looked fantastic.

We ended up having to reschedule an edit because the green didn’t take as well as we thought it would but its no biggie. I still got it!

Great conversations, making people feel beautiful. SWEATING IN MY FACEMASK but whatever, I got this.

Next, my friend wanted some awesome red with some highlights, slay again.

Amazing color, fun highlights – awesome time to catch up! It was lovely.

Next one of my favorite people in the world comes in to get her hair touched up.

Let me tell you about this woman, she has a heart of gold. I’ve known her forever and ever since the day I met her she has been such a blessing to know.

Do you know the kind of person that just makes you feel amazing when you are around them? Like a total breath of fresh air? That’s her.

She is so amazing. She came in with her bright and beautiful face. I was so excited to see her.


At this point, it was 2:30 pm. I had started doing hair at 8:30 am. I had not eaten. I was trying to stay hydrated because I learned a long time ago that if you don’t stay hydrated, you’ll likely pass out from exhaustion during a long day.

To some, this may seem silly. But let me splain. So, I work a desk job during the week. I have been in quarantine for the past two months, so I really haven’t left my computer desk. Now, I am in a salon, sweating, wearing a face mask and a face shield. I should have eaten breakfast, but I didn’t and now here we are.


I go up to greet her, longing to just give her a huge hug but knowing that I can’t. She sits down in my chair and I see that she has gorgeous long beachy waves in her hair. The last time I saw her, her hair was shoulder length in a cute little blonde bob. Now she has 3 inches of full gray and the blonde at the bottom.

The last time I did her hair I threw some lightener on the roots and everything came up even and amazing. So, I recalled that plan but thought to myself well, this is a lot of growth though.

I decided to move forward with the plan.

The plan was to use some cream lightener to life it up a little and then tone the whole thing to keep her little platinum awesomeness.

I get her all set up and go to mix.

Boom! We don’t have any cream lightener.

At this point, I should have abandoned my plan and went with color instead.

But mama didn’t raise no quitter. She obviously raised a fool.

So, I use the powder lightener and put it all over her head.

Okay so here’s the problem. I didn’t listen to my own training. My own education. My own knowledge.

Let it sit and lighten full well knowing that this was going to come up spotty.

Finally, I went to rinse and surprise! It’s spotty. So now what? Well, I went to tone it.

And to my complete surprise (being super sarcastic now), it didn’t cover a thing.

At this point, it is 4:30 and I am an idiot.

The salon closed at 4:00. I am the only one there and the poor receptionist is stuck until I am finished.

Now I go into panic mode.


Me going into panic mode was completely unwarranted. I knew exactly what I had to do to fix this and I really needed a clear head to be able to execute this fix.


Now, I go to mix some color and put it on her hair to cover everything which is what I should have done in the first place.

Go over to the sink and grab a bottle instead of a bowl and brush so I can apply it quickly and get us all out of there. Seems logical right?


Some colorists will use a bottle but there are a few reasons why in this instance it was a totally stupid idea:

I was using Paul Mitchell Color which has beeswax in it. This makes it healthier for your hair but also makes it hard to mix. I am not strong enough to mix it in a bottle. I should have just used a bowl and brush LIKE I KNOW TO DO. Why was I not listening to my instincts? Because I was exhausted and in panic mode.

So, take forever and a day to “save time” …. then go to put the color on her hair.

Well – the cap for the bottle wasn’t cleaned correctly and I put a huge glob of dark brown in the front of her head.

My life is a joke.

Wipe it all off and go wash the cap. Okay, let’s get this over with.

Now I get all the color on, throw her under the dryer, wash it out and cut and style her.

Finally, we are finished, and the color actually came out really cool. She had natural high and low lights and looked really cute.

We professed our love to one another because she is so amazing.

I apologized profusely to the receptionist and then we cleaned up and everyone left.

The moral of this horror story is do not go into panic mode and make a ton of stupid mistakes because your feelings took over!

What I needed to do was trust my instincts. I need to calm the heck down and actually listen to my YEARS of experience telling me that I needed to think it through.

I get so caught up in the feelings of everyone around me and don’t listen to myself.

I spent the entire night beating myself up and feeling like I shouldn’t even be licensed.

But the reality is that I do hair all the time for people and I make them feel amazing.

The reality is that I am not perfect.

The reality is that I got way to flustered and way too caught up.

The reality is that my pride was in the way and I really needed to just take a seat.

I am not going to kill it every day all the time.

I fixed her hair and I need to be gentle with myself.

What is the point of beating myself up? She left happy so what is the problem!?

I’ll tell you my biggest problem, I did not spend the time pampering her and making her feel amazing. I didn’t spend the time listening to her pour her heart out to me. This really hurts me. She is an angel of a person and deserves all the love I have for her during her appointment.

The whole reason why I started doing hair was to make people feel amazing. I want someone who comes in feeling ratty to turn around and look in the mirror and I want to see tears of joy run down their cheeks. I want them to love the person that they see in the mirror. I want them to have a pep in their step when they leave and feel like they can conquer the world.

That is the reason that I do this. I will no longer compromise myself. I will no longer take on more than I can handle, and I will no longer act upon feelings instead of my knowledge.

The point of this entire story is a call to action to not compromise who you are and why you do what you do. My point is to know who you are and what you are capable of. When you mess up, fix your crown and keep on being awesome.

I am a great hairdresser. I have done some amazing things. I can’t get all butt hurt every time that things don’t work out the way I thought they were going to. I must just use that knowledge to make me better next time and keep my head up.

Whatever you do I am sure you can relate to this. Let’s not focus on the failure but just use that to be better next time. Really that is all we can do, right?

God was there with me the whole time. I know that he loves me, and he is looking at me through loving eyes saying its okay, pick yourself up and keep going.

He loves us through our failures and inspires our successes.

I know that I can do better and be better and I will! And I hope that you will too. ❤


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