Where is your passion? – Embrace that beast.

Hello, all you beautiful souls.

It’s Thursday again and I have some good stuff for you! Pull up a seat and please put on your big girl pants.

So, I was talking to my kids last night before bed. We had a long rough day and they had been yelled at by their Daddy for not listening. We gave them a long-winded talk about how they are being disrespectful, and they need to do better.

My kids are super sensitive, and I knew that they would feel like they messed up and there is no way to fix it. So, before bed, I was encouraging them, and I got the idea that ALL OF US need this encouragement because we ALL do the same thing to ourselves.

Welcome to my TED talk.

We are humans. We are going to mess up. I have said this a thousand times in my other posts. Today isn’t about the mess up. It’s about the comeback.

If we look around the world, we see the big huge mess that has been created between Corona, the riots, murders, quarantine, the media, police brutality, anger, poverty, depression, the economy, sickness, fear, anxiety, self-isolation, rebellion, selfishness. ONE HUGE HOT MESS.

But my friends, we are ready for the comeback.

I truly believe that God is stepping down on the scene and is going to sort this big mess out and take care of all of us and fix it all just like he always does.

Girl, God gave us a way. He gave us a plan for redemption. Why did he do that? Because he knew that we would create messes and he would always come and help us out. Just like a mommy who tells their kid not to jump off that rock because they will get hurt and then they do it anyways and the mommy cleans up the boo-boos and kisses them and snuggles them back to health.

God is about to snuggle us back to health.

This doesn’t mean that we can do whatever we want all the time.

If you have no relationship with God, you won’t get the full-on snuggle.

Think about it this way. A mommy see’s someone else’s kid jumps off the rock, they are going to help the kid but not in the same way that they would help their own.

If you truly want to embrace that snuggle, make sure you know him. This is like the easiest thing in the world to do. You can read about how to receive salvation here.

Now that we got that out of the way. Here is the GREAT NEWS.

We have hope. We have a divinely amazing hope that lives inside of our hearts.

We are meant for greatness. Did you know that? Do you know that you are meant for greatness?

Did you know that you have passions, creativity, excitement, life, and all that other good stuff living inside you?

Maybe it’s buried down deep covered by the mud of life, bills, kids, responsibilities, and all that jazz.

But we can dig it out.

This is the time to rise for your comeback.

This is the time to embrace WHO YOU ARE.

I know that you are amazing. I know that you have some sort of passion inside your heart.

Literally NO MATTER WHAT that passion might be. Embrace it to the fullest!!

Maybe your passion is art, or music or helping people. Maybe your passion is designing stamps or organizing things, maybe it’s baking, maybe it’s having a flipping ant farm. WHATEVER IT IS.

Today – work on it. Embrace it. Love it. Snuggle that passion back to health.

For me, my passion is loving on our planet, doing hair, and spreading love through this blog.

So, what have I done?

I have tried to switch everything that creates waste to something reusable.

I have started making things on my own in order to help reduce waste.

I have started to research new ways to embrace this passion for the earth.

I have watched videos teaching me new techniques to do hair.

I have decided to charge the prices that I am worth for my hair services.

I have practiced practiced practiced doing hair to perfect my skills.

I have researched how to convey a message through a blog post.

I have woken up early to write.

I have prayed and read my bible to make sure that I am ready to share about Jesus.

I have nurtured and watered and snuggled my passions and I am not stopping anytime soon.

My call to action is for you to do the same.

We will go through this life so fast and this is the time to embrace all that God has for your life. It is time for us to let the light that is inside of us shine out onto others. We are meant to be the city on the hill. We are meant to be a hope to others that are stuck by showing them that they can do it too!

You can do it! Whatever it is! Listen, those ants aren’t going to raise their own farm man, get to work!

We are finally coming out of this quarantine and it is imperative that we make our comeback. Let’s not pile the worry and stress and crap onto our heads anymore. Let’s shake all of that off and create our own comeback, our own happy ending, our own adventure!

Let’s show our kids what a true comeback looks like. Let’s show them how we are strong, and life is worth living.

Trust me they are watching what you do, and they will start to emulate that attitudes that you have whether you like it or not.

We have to love ourselves; we have to show them a better way. We deserve to be proud of the life we are living.

Change your perspective, change your attitude, stop hatin, and make your own amazing life.

When we feed our spirit – with prayer and the word of God – this is easy to do, and we will be nourished.

Sis – you have a spirit that craves God. When you don’t read and pray you are starving your spirit and then wondering why you are hungry. We are spiritually anorexic and going through every single day wondering why we can’t muster up happiness.

Here is what we are all going to do.

We are going to download that YouVersion app on our phones. We are going to wake up and read the verse of the day. Then we are going to thank God for giving us another day of life and give him ALL our stress.

Then! We are going to spread the love and feed our passions. THEN we are going to snuggle every single person we see and…. oh wait… not yet… okay um… social distance snuggles! LOL

But we aren’t going to stop there. We are going to read more and more each day about how awesome God is. THEN we are going to watch our life transform into the most amazing, passion-filled awesomeness – better than anything that we could have ever imagined.

I PROMISE you. When you embrace this way of life and embrace who you are and embrace those passions…. You will see the most amazing comeback ever.

Forget the quarantine fifteen – who cares!

Who cares about the mistakes, we are dusting our shoulders off and we are moving on with our lives.

The truth is that when we begin to embrace who we are and live out our passions, we can begin to see a world that we ACTUALLY want to live in. We will see the change. We will see a bright and beautiful future.

I can’t wait to hear about the victories that you have when you embrace this entire concept. Please tell me all the good and the bad and all of it. I love you guys! ❤

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