What do you stand for?

I believe in America

As the 4th of July approaches, I can’t help but get all patriotic.

Listen – if you know me you know that I love Americana stuff. Give me all of the things!!!!

The future of this country is uncertain. But – I do know that we live in the greatest country ever. I’m sorry if you don’t think so too. Maybe I am living in a little girl cloud, but I love America. We have the coolest flag.

Anyways, my mom has always told me that if I don’t stand for something, I will fall for anything. I realize that she didn’t make that up… but it’s so true!

We all have to decide, where do we stand? Who are we?

The truth is that we don’t know who we are half the time.. well, at least I don’t. I tell my friends all the time that everything causes me to have an identity crisis.

Take this blog for example. I started it with the best intentions. I am going to help all the moms out there that feel like they are alone and drowning and inspire them to love themselves and love Jesus. Well, a few weeks in I started trying to figure out how to make the blog more popular or more legitimate. I found some groups on Facebook where you could grow your following by following each other, harmless, right? I joined these groups and started following others and having them follow me. Turns out they have a laundry list of rules and timelines that I can’t commit to. Basically, if you don’t follow the rules, you are kicked out. I found myself liking and sharing blogs that I didn’t even like and didn’t fall in with my beliefs. I started to see how gimmicky everything was. I also started to put ads all over my posts. I was thinking, this will be great, instead of me paying for my domain name and my hosting, I can use ads to make up the money.


I realized that this was turning into something that was more about being popular and making money. It started to really stress me out. I am not someone who is going to fall for anything. I started to objectively look at what I was doing and realized that I had veered so far away from my original mission that I didn’t even recognize myself.

So, I decided to clear most of the ads off my blog posts. I left all those stupid follow loop groups. I got rid of all the crap that didn’t line up with my purpose and decided you know what? This is something that God has inspired me to do and HE will see it through.

I told you this story to say that sometimes we start off with the best intentions, and sometimes we find ourselves in the mud. We have to get back to who we are and what we stand for.

America stands on freedom that was bought with a price. In America, I can say whatever I want – I can protest if I want. I can carry a gun. I can start a business. I can go to school. I can clear my debt. I can dress however I want. I can be a Christian. I love America.

We need to get back to the freedom that once was for everyone and MAKE SURE that EVERYONE has those same freedoms.

Trust me, I am not saying that what we are experiencing now is what I am talking about.

I love what Obama said about September 12, 2001. Do you guys remember that day? I’m crying as I write this. Honestly, that was the best day ever. The tragedy that happened in our nation reached everyone in completely different ways. I was in 6th grade. I did not even understand what was happening. But I remember the Patriotism and love that took place the following day. Nothing else mattered but the fact that we were America and we were in it together.

We are in this together.

Especially as moms, we lose ourselves. We put all of our time and energy into keeping little people alive and we completely forget who we are and what we stand for. We are so busy all the time we can’t ever stop and consider how we feel. We just keep trudging on.

This message is a cry to everyone to consider, who are you? What do you stand for?

Everyone stands for something. Some concept or ideal is what makes you who you are. God wants us to love that person. Think about it – HE CREATED YOU! He put all the ingredients in to make you the salsa that you are. Maybe you are spicy, maybe you are mild, maybe you are mango. Whatever it is – embrace it. Learn to love that salsa girl and spice up this whole world.

I’ve decided I’m going to embrace my inner hippie. I’ve been telling the people closest to me that. I need to have more love. I need to be the me that is crying out inside and embrace every inch of that mango habanero chick that God made me. I care about people, I care about the environment, I care about Jesus.

So, it’s going really well – I started using essential oils. I decided to use some tea tree oil to kill some germs on my sponge. I then washed my dishes and made a salad (I’m being sooooo healthy) and my entire salad tasted like tea tree oil. It was fantastic! (not really, it was disgusting) BUT MOMMA DIDN’T RAISE NO QUITTER! So, I ate the whole thing. So, I think I pretty much have this hippie life mastered.

But really, I’m okay with the bumps in the road. I don’t have all the answers. I’m just going to try to embrace the me that God made me and be the best me that I can be.

During this time, I see people really hurting. I think for the first time in my life I am leading with my ears as it talks about in James 2 & 3. I’m really trying to put my agenda aside and just love people. I hear an outcry of so many people that I love, and I need to put my faith into action. What does that look like? It is going to be different for everyone. Sometimes it just looks like listening. Sometimes it looks like making a change. Sometimes it will be just recognizing who you are and what you stand for. Sometimes it will be standing out there with your brothers and sisters saying enough is enough.

Whatever it is for you, whoever you are, whatever you stand for – embrace it. Build your house upon the rock which is Jesus and stand firm in your convictions. Be the one who is different then everyone else. Be the change, be the love, be the badass.

But just like it says in James, don’t lead with your anger.

I believe that when we begin to embrace all that God has for us and put our faith into action – we will see the most amazing America there ever was. We will be the ones to make a change and let freedom ring. We will make America actually great. We can start to wear our awesome flag with pride. We can start to truly be united and let go of all our presumptions of people and ideas. We can be knowledgeable and not just stuck and feel powerless letting the world pass us by. I’ll be rockin the flag this year because I know who I am. I know what I stand for. Those stars and stripes are the unity, they are the freedom, they are the equality, they are the cry for every person to be free. That’s what it means to me. But also, who am I kidding, I’ll be in all black haha! Oh, and speaking of black….BLACK LIVES MATTER.

Stay blessed and stay safe, I love you all.

4 thoughts on “What do you stand for?

  1. Love this. You are amazing. You are truly using the platform to be who you are destined to be && help people become who they are destined to be.


  2. Meg another great post, you are truly on the right path to embracing who you are and how you want to project who that is! Your children will watch and listen and become awesome young adults ready to face the world. Remember there is no wrong way and we are always continuing to improve and become better people. Life is a journey ❤️


    1. Aww Dee Dee! Thank you so much for your encouragement! I appreciate your support so much! Thank you for reading and empowering my momhood! ❤


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