So it rained today and it had me in my feelings.

So it rained today and it got me thinking…

The earth needs rain to continue to grow. This is such a crazy concept for me. Everything would die without rain.

This struck me because I was thinking of how unfair it is that we have to deal with rain. It’s depressing and wet and sad. We have the saying “don’t rain on my parade”. It’s our worst fear for a special event. We get sad when we see it is going to be cloudy and rainy.

But without rain, nothing can grow, flourish, and reach its full potential.

This just made me think about our lives. Without some rain – we can’t grow. Sometimes we deal with some really sad and depressing stuff, but I truly think we need those times to reach our full potential.

Call me crazy, but I really think that we need some sadness to reach our happiness.

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Okay so I know that I always reference kids’ movies but hear me out…

In the movie Inside Out, Joy was trying to make sure that Riley always felt joyful. She wanted to make sure that the little girl never felt an ounce of sadness and that her “core memories” were all joyful. Sadness kept trying to come in and touch the memories and bring some sadness into the little girl’s life. In the end, Joy realized that the little girl needed sadness just as much as she needed joy.

I think that is so true. We want all positive vibes; we want everything to be positive and optimistic and uplifting. I don’t think that there is anything wrong with that, but we were given sadness for a reason. I think that sadness gives us empathy and compassion for others.

How could we ever have a victory if there isn’t any struggle? How can we ever help someone through something if we haven’t ever experienced pain? How can we ever appreciate the sunny days without the rain? How can we ever grow if we don’t experience some storms?

My message today is that we all have times that suck. We all are stuck in this gloomy quarantine with the fear of this virus. But I truly believe that good will come from this. We will grow.

For me, I’m going to stop wasting my time on things that are not purposeful. If this quarantine has taught me anything, it is that I need to seize this moment. I need to learn to make the best of the situation, even when it sucks. Let’s be honest, this sucks! We miss our friends and we miss life- how it was. Which is kind of interesting don’t you think? The old life that we used to complain about, we now miss.

As the raindrops fall from the sky, they nourish the earth. But when it is raining all I can think to myself is this sucks. I want a beautiful sunny day; I don’t want to run to my car and get all wet and feel sleepy and ruin my hair and makeup. But – without the rainy days. I can’t grow. Those rainy days are nourishing my spirit. The rain is causing me to strengthen. The rainy day causes me to stop focusing so much on how my hair and makeup look because, there is nothing I can do about it anyway. The rainy days cause me to take a much-needed nap when I just want to play – yes, I’m a child. The rainy days cause me to stay in and take care of my responsibilities instead of just going to the beach.

It makes me think of Ecclesiastes 3:1 “There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under the heavens”.

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There is a time to play and time to work. There is a time to cry and a time to laugh. There is literally a season for everything. I feel like people say this and all I can do is roll my eyes. But when I really stop to think about it – I can’t be happy ALL the time. God gave us a range of emotions for a reason.

Like I said before, there are lots of important emotions that come along with sadness and hurt.
Those feelings are what make us human. They literally connect us to others.

No man is an island, we are meant to be there for each other. In good times and in bad times too. I think when you have a solid group of people around you, you can get through anything.

Sometimes the hard part is connecting with people – letting them into your circle. We have felt hurt and pain and we allowed it to overwhelm us. Now we don’t trust people and we don’t want to let them in. Don’t let that rain drown you. Let that rain nourish you and cause you to grow.

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You are worth it. You are important. You are needed. You were created for a purpose. You are part of “us”. We are the humans of the world and we are in this together. Each and every one of us is so important. We are part of something bigger – something we can’t understand. We can’t focus on the rain – we have to focus on the growth and the nourishment.

 But also – take that time to feel those feelings – that sadness, that hurt, that rejection, that failure. Just don’t stay in that place. Feel it and learn from it and let yourself grow. Just as people say, all the time, “it is okay to not be okay”, I say, “it is okay to be okay”. Sometimes we just stay in that place – we just stand in the rain and can’t get ourselves out. Sometimes we have been hurt or messed up and we can’t shake it. It’s almost like we feel comfort in that mess. Well, at least I do. Maybe you aren’t all dark and twisty like me (Grey’s Anatomy reference lol). But I am! I’ve been through some crazy stuff and I have made it through. I have scars on my heart. I regularly have to remind myself; it is okay to be okay.

What I’m saying is – instead of trying to fix it all the time – let’s feel it! Instead of trying to pull up your bootstraps and put on your big girl pants all the time – let’s take a moment to get in touch with our human side again. Let’s open up and let ourselves feel. We spend so much time running from thing to thing to thing. Just stop – get in touch with yourself. I’m not saying start a pity party and give all your friends front row seats. I’m saying let that rain make you grow.

There is an army of people who have been there before surrounding you and there is a God in heaven who loves you so much.

I hope this helped to encourage someone today – if not it’s just for me! I’m sad I can’t play outside because it’s raining but I’m looking forward to a sunny day tomorrow.

Thanks for reading ❤

8 thoughts on “So it rained today and it had me in my feelings.

  1. Amazing! This was most definitely for me! Such an encouragement it brought tears to my eyes! Another great post!!! It’s true there is a time for everything and every season under the sun. You know the saying April showers bring May flowers. Sometimes we just have to experience the rain showers that are so unwelcome to grow the beautiful, sweet smelling flowers we know are coming after the rain has passed. I love this Megan. This really spoke to me. Thank you. Love you girl. ❤❤❤


    1. Awww! ❤ Your words are such an encouragement. That’s the exact reason why I do this! I want to speak some life into the lives of my friends! ❤ Love you too! Thank God for the beautiful flowers, I can’t wait to see the flowers in your life! 🙂


  2. This is so well timed. There are so many crazy things going on in the news right now and instead of burying my feelings all the time, it’s ok to just feel. To take a breath and stop and acknowledge the pain.


    1. Yes!! Ahh, thank you! That is so true! We always try to bury it and just be a positive Polly – well Polly needs a nap lol! So happy it touched you! Thank you for your kind words! ❤ Thank you for reading!!!


  3. Hey, Christian! What a lovely thoughts you have. And yes we need some negatives and positives in life to keep it going. Otherwise it will be just boring. Nice blog. Keep sharing good stuff like this.


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