Stop the drama mama – we have a higher calling.

Okay so this is an easy one to write right now, and it’s going to be quick.

Isn’t is so sad what has become of social media these days? I am disappointed in how everyone is handling their stress. I GET IT! We are all stressed in some way. But when do we grow up and just figure things out instead of getting on people for every little thing in the world?

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Yea, there are lots of times that I see something on Facebook and think to myself, wow that is ridiculous. BUT IM AN ADULT. So, if I don’t like it – I just scroll by. I think there are way too many social media patrol officers that go around correcting people’s thoughts. Listen – social media is a place for all of us to be able to share our thoughts. No matter how ridiculous I think they are, that’s the purpose of it.

Lately, I’ve been so stressed out on there! Between people fighting about how the government is handling opening businesses to how people put kids in their car seats. Aren’t you over it?? Please people, stop fighting. It’s frustrating and stressful to watch. It’s like watching those crabs from Finding Nemo fighting over bubbles.

Remember the whole if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything thing? What happened to that? I know its infuriating; I know its stressful; I know we are trying to live. But really, there are people watching us, little people, who are learning how to deal with stress by watching how WE handle it! Everything we do matters to someone else. We are so wrapped up in our emotions that we just explode with anger or judgement.


The venom I see being spit all over social media right now is way too intense to handle. All I can think to myself is seriously, grow up. I’m stressed too. There are people who don’t have money or childcare or work or food. We all are dealing with something.

No one is going to understand anyone else’s situation completely because they are not you. They don’t see the world the way you do. They can’t feel your feelings.

Please let’s just let people live. This is not the way we want to present ourselves or represent our family.

I must stand on my soapbox right now because I am just in awe about this. I’ve tried to fix my timelines, so I don’t see any of this crap, but I’d have to just stay off. AND I DON’T WANT TO! I want to see those funny Baby Yoda memes. I want to see people’s successes. I want to be part of what is happening in peoples lives.

So, my message today is please don’t be mean to people. If you don’t like what they are saying just scroll by. Once you start to do it – you will see it becomes so much easier and now, you are not filling your head with negativity to then go on about your day and deal with all your own stressors! Let’s rise above and not get messed up in their silly problems. Let’s be the bigger guy… or at least tell ourselves we are!

The reality is that we are all human, we all make mistakes, we all have an opinion. But you know what they say about opinions…. LOL!

This is a general out cry for some sound minds to use their ability to discern and stop perpetuating drama. Can’t we all just get along!?

The truth is we have a higher calling than the drama. We have a savior who came down and died on a cross to give us life. What we do with that is our choice. I’m going to tell you what I am going to do. I’m going to love people. Even when I don’t want to. I’m going to be there for people even when its stressful. I’m going to scroll past the drama and laugh at the funny stuff. I’m going to see something mushy and cry at it. I’m going to try and spread fun and love and the gospel message because I know my higher calling. I know that being wrapped up in what is fleeting will bring me nothing but harm and unwarranted chaos. I’m going to remember who is watching me and who I represent.

Please, let’s just breathe (you’ll die if you don’t) , we’re going to scroll on by (it’s easy, just do it), we are going to pray (this should be your thing), drink a glass of wine (if that is your thing), AND CHILL OUT (seriously, please). They gon’ catch us scrollin while they’re hatin… HAHA!

Let’s be no drama mamas!

That’s all for today, you know I love you all.

And as always thanks for reading! ❤

11 thoughts on “Stop the drama mama – we have a higher calling.

  1. I agree! There is so much drama and arguing. I mostly try to stay out of it. If it’s not being supportive, I don’t bother saying anything at all!


    1. It’s so true! It definitely steals our sanity and our joy when we jump into it! No boiling water for this mama! Thanks for reading!!


  2. This is so true! We don’t need the negativity right now. One of my coworkers and I are trying not to complain or gossip and it is surprisingly difficult!


    1. It really really really is so hard. I struggle with this but it’s just so crucial to our peace! Thank you for reading! ❤


    1. Yes! I have a hard time with it. This was a message to myself too! We can’t get wrapped up in the garbage!! Thank you for reading!!


  3. Great ideas here. I think it is so important to not get wrapped up in other people’s drama and focus on lifting each other up instead. We are in a time where support means everything. Thanks for sharing!


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