A Lesson from Pasta

Okay guys here’s the thing, my husband is always wrong.

LOL! In my eyes he’s just wrong wrong wrong. When he’s not listening to me and agreeing with me he’s wrong!!!!!!

Okay so… for anyone that actually knows Brian, he is always right! I am normally the one who is wrong. But in my own little bratty eyes, he’s wrong.

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Carrying on…

I am the type of person that likes to deal with a problem head on- right away. Tackle the challenge at hand and come up with a solution. It bothers me way too much to let problems linger. I want answers and solutions. I don’t run from it- I complain my way through it right away. Let’s be real- no one is excited to take on a problem. Well maybe some people. But you know what I mean! We complain about the fact that we have to deal with this crap because we are way too emotionally hyped to deal with it in the first place. But why breathe right? Like let me just get this dealt with and move on to the next calamity, JEEZ! I’M FINEEEEEEE! It’s fine, I’m fine. I’m screaming about having the peace of the Lord while my head is spinning around in circles and smoke is coming out of my nose.


Brian is not like that. He is the type that likes to stop and think about things. Mull it over in his mind and make the best, well thought out, decision on how to proceed and take on the issue at hand.

My translation in my mind- he procrastinates and just doesn’t want to deal with it because he’s being a bum.

Well- I learned my lesson today- from pasta!

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It’s the little things people. The small moments in life when God will use something small to make a big impact on you and you almost feel stupid with how simple the concept is and now you’re crying over pasta. But that pasta means everything!!!!

Okay so here’s what happened.

I made buttered noodles for my kids for dinner. You know, nice nutritious meal – dinner of champions! Whatever it’s a delicacy in this house- judge if you must. Not everyone is a chef okay, we all have our strong points and a five course meal is not mine. So just lemmealoneeeeeeee!

So as per usual- I had just mopped my floors and cleaned the whole kitchen nice and sparkly. And as per usual the kids got pasta everywhere!!! The floors, the chairs, the tables, I even found noodles on the cats. I don’t even understand what happens when a child eats. It’s almost like they throw it up in the air and then eat what falls into their mouths and just let the rest fall where it may. It was a hot mess.

Every time this happens, I go berserk like it’s the first time I have ever witnessed this. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Brian’s response to my berserk-ness is “Babe just leave it, you know it’s easier to clean when it’s dry”.

To which my normal response is something snarky like “no, Brian I actually CARE about our house. I actually WANT things to be nice. I’m not a “put things off-er” like you are!” Then I proceed to try and sweep this mess up, mushing the noodles into my broom like a fool and then having to clean the broom and the dust pan. I never get it all, so I then get down on all fours and gather up the pasta. Orrrrr- give this job to the kids and they kneel on the pasta and now mush it into their clothes.


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This time- I just left it. I went back to clean it a little while later, when it was dry, and it took me two seconds to sweep it up. TWO SECONDS PEOPLE!!!!

I was completely floored.

God spoke to me in that moment saying “you know, he is normally right”. Oh my goodness. It was like my entire life flashed before my eyes.

How many times have I tried to tackle something right away and made a mess of things? How many times have I failed to take a step back and think it through? I jump right in– emotions blaring- and try to solve the problem. And now my broom is a mushy mess!

Sometimes it only takes a few minutes of breathing and trying to clear your emotional cache before you totally get your hands dirty making a bigger mess. Or maybe you don’t make anything worse, but you definitely could have had a clearer view if you just cleaned your windshield before trying to drive.

Well, I learned my lesson. From now on, the pasta will dry and I will not turn into a fire breathing dragon, and we can live in the harmony of buttered noodles. From now on when I feel that anger emotion rising up in me ready to jump into action – I will try to take a hint from my husband and clear my head before it lights on fire like Anger from Inside Out. LOL!

Maybe I do like to get things done and that’s not a bad thing. When I lose my peace is when I am in trouble. And you know what? Noodles normally make me lose my peace. Yes that sounds ridiculous but consider what has caused you to be in this place in your life. I bet after the fact you either laughed at how ridiculous you were or felt guilty about your actions.

Let’s make a better choice today, lets breathe and just take a step back to regain our peace. Let’s leave a fire stuff for the movies.

Stay safe and stay blessed my little frienditos. ❤

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