Oh the joys… Happy Mommy Day!

 Happy Mother’s Day!!

Let this be a day that we celebrate our successes.

I bet that your kids are so excited to call you Mommy. I bet that their eyes light up when they look at you. I bet that you are reading this coming from a plethora of different situations and circumstances that led you to be a mother.

A mother is one who loves, one who cares for children or has cared for children or any number of things. You know in your heart if you are a mother and if you are, this day we celebrate you.  No matter what the circumstance, I take my hat off to all the women out there that are doing the best they can.

You don’t have to be perfect. We hear this all the time, don’t we? Yet we still beat ourselves up one way or another. Tell me if this sounds familiar….

Am I spending enough time with them?

Do they get enough outside time?

Do they eat healthy enough?

Did I clean their ears today?

Is my yelling damaging them?

Did formula feeding damage them?

Did I nurse them long enough?

Do I listen to their feelings?

Do I encourage them enough?

What if I am messing up?

Did I read enough books to them?

Did I tell them I love them enough?

Should I have said that?

Should I have done that?

Am I selfish for……?

Do they watch too much tv?

Am I going to make it through this day?

Is my house clean enough?


Let’s just take one little tiny second to celebrate some sort of win. Let’s take a moment to just be real. This job is rough. These little things do not come with a manual and we are trying to literally raise a human. We are human and we are trying to mold another human!!!!

That’s like next-level responsibility. We aren’t going to be on our game all the time.

Sometimes – we are going to cook and killer meal with all the food groups (in theory) and then we are going to give them a little bubble bath and read them a story and laugh and pray over them and tuck their little sweet angel eyes into bed and kiss them sweetly and it will be magical.

And sometimes we are going to scream at them like a T Rex on steroids, put them in time out and forget they are there and find them sleeping naked on the couch having fallen asleep to watching Absurd Planet on Netflix which, by the way, is in the “kids” section and is totally inappropriate for children.

Oh wait, is that just me? Oops…

Whatever! You get my point!

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 Listen, Linda, if you are perfect and give your kids the royal treatment every day, please, give me some of that happy tea you are drinking because I think my tea is broken. I must have crabby, tired tea. LOL!

I hear all the time that children are a gift from God. You know what – they are. They are a chance to really see who you are. As you raise them, you raise yourself. You learn so much about who you are and what you are capable of.

Honestly, children will love you no matter how messed up you may think you are. They will just drive you nuts trying to get your attention because they think you are the most wonderful person in the world. That is definitely a gift.

So I will take the 97000000000000 stories about Sponge Bob and the random trips into the bathroom to play the fun game called “is that poop?”. I will take them crashing my zoom meetings without any clothes on while I am talking to my boss and HR. I will take the Parmesan cheese being dumped onto the carpet because it needed to snow on the ice castle to “make it real”.

I will also take the snuggles and the kisses and the “you’re the best mom ever”s. I will take it all. This is the path I’m on and with God’s help, I will grow right alongside my babies. He gives me wisdom when I have no idea what to do. He is the one that encourages me when I just can’t take it anymore. He is the one who points out how super sweet they are when I am wrapped up in my own world. He is helping me every step of the way. The more I am learning to lean on the big guy, the better of a mom I become.

I’m not going to always win but we all have our own story.

What comes to mind is in any story or any movie there is always a conflict. This, to me, is like the worst part. I hate that I see it coming and I can’t stand watching problems unfold. But, without the conflict, there really isn’t a story.

Our stories will have conflicts but like, chill sis, that’s what makes them good!

Let’s choose to make the best of our story today. Let’s celebrate this journey today. Let’s choose to lean not on our own understanding but on His. We can do this. We are enough. We are the best moms ever!

Stay safe and stay blessed!

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2 thoughts on “Oh the joys… Happy Mommy Day!

  1. Love this! Such a great reminder that we are doing our best as moms. Let’s take a moment to feel proud rather than always doubting ourselves! 😊


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