Why I love doing hair – because roots really are for trees!

I feel as though I should write about doing hair. It makes me so happy so I want to share my thoughts about it with you all.

I became a hair dresser for two reasons:

1.       I have had my hair messed up by hair dressers more times than I can count and I wanted to make sure that I could go into the world and make people fall in love with their hair dresser again.

2.       Hairstylists are cool – it’s true, fight me. 

The profession can be as lame or as awesome as you want it to be. Although I didn’t appreciate my school when I was there. I am a Paul Mitchell graduate and I am so grateful for that. I learned about creating an experience rather than just performing a service and I really believe that is the key to hairstyling. 

People always say that hair dressers are so much more because they listen to your problems and are there through the best and worst times of your life. You could say the same about many professions however, I believe that having a special bond with your hairdresser is unique. 

As a stylist, I can take someone from feeling terrible about themselves in tears and turn them into the best version of themselves. I can take a girl from a broken heart to a renewed spirit. I can help an interviewee be confident that they can do this. I can give a woman who is facing the signs of aging a whole new perspective on herself. I can listen, adapt and create magic on your head and in your heart.

Being part of this industry has changed my perspective on people. I can really see who they are. People share their most intimate feelings and thoughts with me. We have hugged and cried. We have screamed and celebrated. We have taken some really bad booty selfies. 

I am able to see so much beauty, inspiration, creativity. 

Originally I wanted to go into crime fighting, change the world, and make a difference. I saw so much ugly in that that I was overwhelmed and discouraged. When I found this industry of beauty I was hesitant because of all the negative hype around being “just” a hair dresser. 

The truth is, I am not just a hair dresser. No seriously, I have another full time job. Ha! But, really… I am a hairdresser and a Christian, a mother, apparently a writer (aka blabber). I like to talk so I kind of always knew this would come full circle! There is so much more to me. And there is so much more to other people. Every single person that sits in my chair has a story. A story of love, of hurt, of triumph and failure, a journey to share.

I have made some amazing friends through this industry. I have gained so much knowledge and been able to help so many people feel amazing when they look in the mirror. How many people can say that? When someone turns around and looks in the mirror with that twinkle in their eye… my heart is so full. 

I can’t say that every hair dresser feels this way but I really hope they do.

Not only is the emotional gratification what inspires me, but I feel like I can speak to the artist in some when I talk about how gratifying learning about color theory is. This is something that I never realized was so complicated. There really is a science to color mixing. How colors move on hair, the geometry of the haircut and color, how everything flows. I feel like looking in from the outside with an untrained eye, it is difficult to see the magic that happens when everything comes together. Sometimes you can hide mistakes in a hair style and get away with it, the client won’t notice and they will love it. BUT the real satisfaction is getting that perfectly placed color, with an amazing tone that fits your client and then finish with a perfectly designed haircut that THEY can restyle at home. 

Okay, so that it my (somewhat) total geek out about doing hair and why I love it. And please, when we are talking about pricing – so much time and thought goes into your color and cut and each time we are doing this service for you we are talking a risk that you won’t like it but praying that we got it right. 

And nine times out of ten – YOU LOVE IT. So pay us! Pay us fairly, tip your hairdresser. Take good care of him or her. They love you and they deserve it!

And if you don’t have a hairdresser, find one! It’s worth investing in yourself, you won’t regret it! At least not if you come to me! HA!

Anyways, thanks for tuning in friends – Happy Monday! 




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